10 Exceptionally Rare Pennies Valued at $100,000 and Above

Apr 04, 2024

Learn about the rare 1927-D Wheat Cent, one of the most valuable pennies in existence.

1927-D Wheat Cent

Explore the fascinating story behind the 1943 Lincoln Cent, a coin made of steel due to wartime copper shortage.

1943 Lincoln Cent

Uncover the history of the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent, a coin with designer initials that makes it highly sought after.

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

Discover the unique features of the 1955 Double Die Penny, a coin with doubling on the obverse that makes it exceptionally rare.

1955 Double Die Penny

Learn about the controversial 1974 Aluminum Penny, a coin that was never officially released to the public.

1974 Aluminum Penny

Explore the rarity of the 1944 Steel Wheat Penny, a coin mistakenly struck on steel planchets instead of copper.

1944 Steel Wheat Penny

Uncover the intriguing story behind the 1958 Doubled Die Penny, a coin with visible doubling on the obverse design.

1958 Doubled Die Penny

Discover the value of the 1944-S Lincoln Cent, a coin with a low mintage and high rarity.

1944-S Lincoln Cent

Learn about the beautiful 1909-S Indian Head Penny, a coin that commands a high price due to its limited supply.

1909-S Indian Head Penny

Explore the unique characteristics of the 1959-D Lincoln Cent, a coin with a rare mintage error that makes it exceptionally valuable.

1959-D Lincoln Cent