10 Jefferson Nickel Error Varieties Worth Seeking

Apr 08, 2024

Learn about the 1943-P Doubled Die Reverse Jefferson Nickel, a rare error variety caused by a doubled impression during the minting process.

1. 1943-P Doubled Die Reverse

Explore the 1955 Doubled Die Obverse Jefferson Nickel, known for its distinct doubling of the obverse design elements and high collector demand.

2. 1955 Doubled Die Obverse

Dive into the 1950-D Over S Jefferson Nickel, a rare error variety where the 'S' mintmark was mistakenly overpunched with a 'D' mintmark.

3. 1950-D Over S

Uncover the mystery of the 1971-S No S Jefferson Nickel, a fascinating error where the 'S' mintmark was accidentally omitted during production.

4. 1971-S No S

Explore the 1964-D Repunched Mintmark Jefferson Nickel, featuring a mintmark that was struck multiple times, creating visible repetitions.

5. 1964-D RPM

Discover the 1979-P Filled S Jefferson Nickel, an error variety caused by filled die grease in the 'S' mintmark, resulting in a blob-like appearance.

6. 1979-P Filled S

Marvel at the 2004-D Extra Finger Jefferson Nickel, an error variety where an extra finger appears on Thomas Jefferson's hand on the obverse.

7. 2004-D Extra Finger

Learn about the 1960-D Large Over Small Date Jefferson Nickel, featuring a smaller date punched over a larger date, creating a unique variety.

8. 1960-D Large Over Small Date

Witness the 1982-P Half Planchet Jefferson Nickel, an error variety with only half of the coin's planchet present, resulting in an incomplete strike.

9. 1982-P Half Planchet

Discover the 2005-P Speared Bison Jefferson Nickel, featuring an interesting die clash that creates a spear-like object protruding from the bison's shoulder.

10. 2005-P Speared Bison