10 Must-Try Burrito Joints Across the USA

Mar 29, 2024

Experience the authentic taste of Mexico at Taqueria Cancun. Their burritos bursting with savory fillings will leave you craving for more!

1. Taqueria Cancun - San Francisco, CA

A San Francisco institution, La Taqueria is famous for its mouthwatering mission-style burritos. Don't miss their homemade salsa!

2. La Taqueria - San Francisco, CA

El Farolito is a local favorite known for its generous portion sizes and flavorful burritos. The super burrito is a must-try!

3. El Farolito - San Francisco, CA

Head to Dos Toros for a taste of the Big Apple's finest burritos. Their fresh ingredients and build-your-own options are a hit!

4. Dos Toros - New York City, NY

Step into Tacombi's vibrant atmosphere and indulge in their authentic Mexican street food. Their burritos are full of flavor and packed with goodness!

5. Tacombi - New York City, NY

La Superior is a hidden gem in Brooklyn, serving up traditional Mexican flavors. Try their burritos for a taste sensation like no other!

6. La Superior - Brooklyn, NY

La Taqueria Mexicana brings authentic Mexican cuisine to the heart of Chicago. Don't miss their delicious burritos packed with homemade goodness!

7. La Taqueria Mexicana - Chicago, IL

El Milagro is a local favorite in Chicago with its handmade tortillas and flavorful burrito fillings. A must-visit for burrito enthusiasts!

8. El Milagro - Chicago, IL

La Cocina in Austin is known for its mouthwatering burritos packed with traditional Tex-Mex flavors. A perfect spot for a satisfying meal!

9. La Cocina - Austin, TX

Chilantro is a fusion food truck in Austin that combines Korean and Mexican flavors. Their unique burrito creations will blow your mind!

10. Chilantro - Austin, TX