10 of the Oldest Coins in the World: A Fascinating Look

Apr 04, 2024

Uncover the secrets of the ancient Lydian Lion coin, believed to be one of the oldest coins ever minted.

1. Lydian Lion Coin

Delve into the fascinating world of the Aegina Turtle coin, a symbol of wealth and maritime power.

2. Aegina Turtle Coin

Learn about the iconic Athenian Owl coin, a symbol of wisdom and the financial prowess of ancient Athens.

3. Athenian Owl Coin

Unearth the unique Chinese Knife coin, a relic from the Warring States period of ancient China.

4. Chinese Knife Coin

Step into the world of ancient Rome with the Roman Denarius, a currency that played a key role in the empire's economy.

5. Roman Denarius

Discover the opulent Persian Daric, a gold coin that symbolized the power and wealth of the Persian Empire.

6. Persian Daric

Unveil the mystery of the Indian Punch-Marked coin, an early form of currency used in ancient India.

7. Indian Punch-Marked Coin

Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Greece through the Greek Stater, a coin of immense historical and artistic significance.

8. Greek Stater

Unlock the ancient world with the Egyptian Scarab, a coin that represents rebirth and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology.

9. Egyptian Scarab

Journey back in time with the Celtic Gold Stater, a coin that reveals the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Celts.

10. Celtic Gold Stater