10 Oldest American Coins in History

Apr 07, 2024

Step back in time to the birth of American coinage. Colonial coins paved the way for the future currency of a nation.

Ancient Beginnings

One of the oldest American coins, the James Oglethorpe Shilling was minted in 1733 in honor of the founder of Georgia.

James Oglethorpe Shilling

Issued in the midst of the American Revolution, the 1776 Continental Currency served as a form of money for the colonies.

1776 Continental Currency

The beautiful Nova Constellatio coins were a series of patterns minted by Benjamin Franklin in 1783, showcasing his extraordinary talent.

1783 Nova Constellatio

The 1793 Chain Cent was the first large cent minted by the United States.

1793 Chain Cent

The legendary 1804 Silver Dollar is one of the rarest and most sought-after coins in the world.

1804 Silver Dollar

During the California Gold Rush, this $5 gold coin became a symbol of hope and prosperity for many fortune seekers.

1849 California Gold Rush $5

As the first nickel five-cent coin, the 1866 Shield Nickel marked a new era in American coinage.

1866 Shield Nickel

The 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar is a rare and valuable coin, with only a few known specimens in existence.

1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent is highly prized by collectors for its unique design and scarcity.

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent