10 Valuable Colonial Coins That Shaped Early American History

Apr 04, 2024

Explore the Spanish Dollar, the most widely circulated coin in colonial America and its influence on trade and economy.

Spanish Dollar

Uncover the story of the Pine Tree Shilling, a symbol of New England's economic prosperity and independence.

Pine Tree Shilling

Learn about the Massachusetts Silver Coin, the first legal tender issued by a British colony in America.

Massachusetts Silver Coin

Discover the Dutch Lion Dollar, a coin that played a significant role in the Dutch influence on early American coinage.

Dutch Lion Dollar

Delve into the history of the Virginia Halfpenny, a coin produced to address the lack of small denomination currency.

Virginia Halfpenny

Unearth the story behind the Connecticut Copper, a coin that embodies the spirit of the American Revolution.

Connecticut Copper

Learn about the New Jersey Copper, a coin that represents the economic struggles faced by the state during the colonial era.

New Jersey Copper

Discover the unique Georgia Holey Dollar, a coin with a hole in the center that served as a makeshift currency in early Georgia.

Georgia Holey Dollar

Uncover the fascinating history of the North Carolina Copper, a coin reflecting the state's struggle for financial independence.

North Carolina Copper

Embark on a journey to learn about the Rhode Island Ship Medal, a token that celebrates the state's maritime heritage.

Rhode Island Ship Medal