11 Scenic Food-Foraged Hikes Around the World

Mar 29, 2024

Trek through Iceland's wild landscapes and forage for juicy berries along the way. Taste the natural sweetness of the Arctic wilderness.

1. Iceland: Berry Bliss

Immerse yourself in Japan's striking forests and search for an array of mushrooms. Discover unique flavors and culinary traditions.

2. Japan: Mushroom Hunt

Journey through Italy's enchanting countryside and unearth the hidden treasures of truffles. Indulge in the exquisite earthy flavors.

3. Italy: Truffle Treasure

Embark on a foraging expedition in the USA and savor the abundance of edible wild greens. Connect with the land and its natural bounty.

4. USA: Edible Wild Greens

Venture into Thailand's lush jungles and explore the diverse world of tropical fruits. Treat your taste buds to exotic flavors.

5. Thailand: Jungle Fruits

Discover the ancient Aboriginal practice of bush tucker in Australia's untamed wilderness. Experience indigenous flavors and traditions.

6. Australia: Bush Tucker

Roam along Scotland's rugged coastline and gather a bounty of coastal delights. Sample fresh seaweed, shellfish, and other marine treasures.

7. Scotland: Coastal Harvest

Embark on an olive grove adventure in Spain's serene landscapes. Discover the art of olive oil production and taste the golden elixir.

8. Spain: Olive Grove Adventure

Embark on a journey through New Zealand's native bush and savor the unique flavors of traditional Maori cuisine.

9. New Zealand: Native Bush Cuisine

Wander through Sweden's enchanting forests and collect a medley of delicious forest berries. Embrace the simplicity of nature's gifts.

10. Sweden: Forest Berries

Embark on a spice-filled adventure in India's vibrant landscapes. Discover the aromatic world of Indian spices and their rich culinary heritage.

11. India: Spice Trail