11 Surprising Facts About Sustainable Seafood

Mar 25, 2024

Explore the wide variety of sustainable seafood options available, from fish to shellfish and everything in between.

Fact #1: Sustainable Seafood is Diverse

Discover the importance of sustainability certifications in ensuring that seafood is harvested or farmed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Fact #2: Sustainability Certifications Matter

Learn about the alarming problem of overfishing and its impact on marine ecosystems, and how choosing sustainable seafood can help address this issue.

Fact #3: Overfishing is a Significant Issue

Find out how seafood watch programs can assist consumers in making informed choices about sustainable seafood, and discover some popular programs around the world.

Fact #4: Seafood Watch Programs Help Consumers

Explore the role of aquaculture in producing sustainable seafood, and learn about innovative and environmentally friendly farming practices.

Fact #5: Aquaculture is Vital for Sustainable Seafood

Discover how the consumption of sustainable seafood can contribute to the economic growth and stability of local fishing communities.

Fact #6: Sustainable Seafood Supports Local Communities

Learn about the positive impact of sustainable seafood on marine ecosystems, including the preservation of biodiversity and the reduction of habitat destruction.

Fact #7: Sustainable Seafood Promotes Ecosystem Health

Find out how choosing sustainable seafood can help reduce food waste, as it encourages responsible fishing practices and minimizes the discard of unwanted catch.

Fact #8: Sustainable Seafood Reduces Food Waste

Discover the lower carbon footprint of sustainable seafood compared to other protein sources, and its role in mitigating climate change.

Fact #9: Carbon Footprint of Sustainable Seafood

Learn about the various labels and certifications that ensure the traceability and authenticity of sustainable seafood products.

Fact #10: Sustainable Seafood Labels and Traceability

Understand how consumer demand for sustainable seafood has the power to drive positive change in the fishing industry and protect our oceans.

Fact #11: Consumer Demand Drives Change