11 Uncommon and Rare Dollar Bills That Will Leave You Speechless

Apr 07, 2024

Learn about the elusive $500 bill, featuring President William McKinley and incredible artwork. Only a handful of these bills exist today.

The $500 Bill

Discover the fascinating $1,000 bill, adorned with a portrait of President Grover Cleveland. It holds immense value for collectors and history enthusiasts.

The $1,000 Bill

Uncover the mystery of the $5,000 bill, showcasing President James Madison. Considered a true rarity, owning one is a dream for many collectors.

The $5,000 Bill

Dive into the world of the incredibly rare $10,000 bill, featuring a portrait of President Salmon P. Chase. Fewer than 400 of these bills are known to exist.

The $10,000 Bill

Explore the legendary $100,000 Gold Certificate, considered the holy grail of currency collecting. It is the highest denomination ever printed by the U.S. government.

The $100,000 Gold Certificate

Unveil the beauty of the 1890 $100 'Watermelon' Note, named after the unique design of the zeros that resemble watermelons. It is highly sought after by collectors.

The 1890 $100 'Watermelon' Note

Witness the elegance of the 1928 Gold Certificate, featuring a vibrant gold seal. These bills were only produced for a few years, making them rare and valuable.

The 1928 Gold Certificate

Unearth the breathtaking 1863 $1,000 'Grand Watermelon' Note, named after its unique design that resembles a watermelon. It holds immense historical significance.

The 1863 $1,000 'Grand Watermelon' Note

Glimpse the elegance of the 1891 $1,000 Silver Certificate, featuring a stunning portrait of General George Meade. It is a treasure for any currency collector.

The 1891 $1,000 Silver Certificate

Marvel at the beauty of the 1934 $1,000 Federal Reserve Note, showcasing a detailed portrait of President Grover Cleveland. It is a testament to American history.

The 1934 $1,000 Federal Reserve Note

Discover the significance of the 1861 $10 Demand Note, featuring an iconic portrait of Alexander Hamilton. It represents a crucial period in American history.

The 1861 $10 Demand Note