11 Uncommon and Rare Dollar Bills

Apr 08, 2024

Explore the rare 1890 $1,000 Grand Watermelon Note, famous for its distinct design resembling watermelon slices.

The 1890 $1,000 Grand Watermelon Note

Discover the intricately designed 1862 $1 Legal Tender Note, considered one of the rarest and most beautiful US banknotes.

The 1862 $1 Legal Tender Note

Uncover the fascinating history behind the 1934 $1,000 Federal Reserve Note and its significance as a rare collectible.

The 1934 $1,000 Federal Reserve Note

Dive into the details of the iconic 1886 $2 Silver Certificate, known for its intricate engravings and historical value.

The 1886 $2 Silver Certificate

Witness the beauty of the 1869 $10 Legal Tender Note, featuring vibrant colors and artistic elements capturing the essence of the era.

The 1869 $10 Legal Tender Note

Experience the charm of the 1896 Educational Series $5 Silver Certificate, showcasing educational themes and allegorical figures.

The 1896 Educational Series $5 Silver Certificate

Unveil the mystery of the 1953 $5 Silver Certificate Star Note, a rare variant with a star symbol denoting replacement banknotes.

The 1953 $5 Silver Certificate Star Note

Step into the world of the 1918 $500 Federal Reserve Note, a large-sized currency reflecting the financial landscape during World War I.

The 1918 $500 Federal Reserve Note

Delve into the history of the 1875 $20 United States Note, an early form of paper currency notable for its distinctive red seal.

The 1875 $20 United States Note

Discover the allure of the 1928 $10 Gold Certificate, featuring intricate gold foil accents and a unique design.

The 1928 $10 Gold Certificate

Immerse yourself in the 1899 $2 Silver Certificate, revered for its exquisite artwork and historical significance.

The 1899 $2 Silver Certificate