11 US Silver Coin Values: Understanding Their Worth

Apr 04, 2024

Explore the stunning designs and intricate details that make US silver coins so captivating.

The Beauty of US Silver Coins

Learn about the value and history of the Mercury Dime, featuring the Roman god Mercury on the obverse.

1. Mercury Dime

Discover the story behind the legendary Morgan Dollar, known for its iconic Liberty design.

2. Morgan Dollar

Uncover the significance of the Peace Dollar, minted to commemorate the end of World War I.

3. Peace Dollar

Fall in love with the graceful Walking Liberty Half Dollar, a coin cherished for its artistry and symbolism.

4. Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Delve into the history and value of the Barber Quarter, featuring the profile of Liberty.

5. Barber Quarter

Learn about the worth of the Seated Liberty Half Dime, a small but significant silver coin.

6. Seated Liberty Half Dime

Discover the value and legacy of the Franklin Half Dollar, honoring the famous American statesman.

7. Franklin Half Dollar

Uncover the beauty and rarity of the Standing Liberty Quarter, featuring a powerful depiction of Liberty.

8. Standing Liberty Quarter

Learn about the history and value of the Roosevelt Dime, paying tribute to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

9. Roosevelt Dime

Discover the worth of the Washington Quarter, showcasing the first president of the United States.

10. Washington Quarter

Explore the popularity and value of the Kennedy Half Dollar, featuring the iconic President John F. Kennedy.

11. Kennedy Half Dollar