12 Signs Your Cat Needs a Change in Diet

Mar 23, 2024

Is your cat always hungry, even after eating? Your furry friend might need a diet change.

1. Constant Hunger

If your cat is putting on weight, it could be a sign that their current diet is not suitable.

2. Weight Gain

A lackluster coat is a clear indicator of a cat's unhealthy diet. Time to switch it up!

3. Dull Coat

Is your cat leaving a trail of fur wherever they go? It might be time to change their diet.

4. Excessive Shedding

Hairballs are a result of excessive shedding. A new diet can help reduce their occurrence.

5. Frequent Hairballs

If your cat frequently experiences vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation, a diet change can alleviate these issues.

6. Digestive Issues

A foul-smelling breath is often a sign of dental or digestive problems that can be addressed with a new diet.

7. Bad Breath

If your cat seems lethargic and lacks energy, it may be time to boost their diet with more nutritious options.

8. Lack of Energy

Excessive scratching, skin issues, or respiratory problems could be due to food allergies. A different diet can help alleviate these symptoms.

9. Allergies

Any change in your cat's urination habits, such as frequency or odor, may indicate a need for a dietary adjustment.

10. Change in Urination

If your cat has dental problems like bad teeth or gum disease, a new diet can promote better oral health.

11. Poor Dental Health

Unusual behaviors like aggression, excessive meowing, or mood swings might be linked to an unsuitable diet.

12. Behavioral Changes