15 Valuable and Rare Lincoln Memorial Pennies: Collector's Delight

Apr 04, 2024

Learn about the famous 1955 Doubled Die penny and why it's one of the most sought-after coins in the world!

1955 Doubled Die Penny

Explore the unique features of the 1972 Double Die penny and its incredible value among collectors.

1972 Double Die Penny

Uncover the rarity and significance of the 1995 Doubled Die Obverse penny, known for its distinct doubling on Lincoln's profile.

1995 Doubled Die Obverse Penny

Delve into the intriguing story of the 1969-S Doubled Die penny and its connection to the San Francisco Mint.

1969-S Doubled Die Penny

Discover the secret of the 1983 Copper penny, a rare error coin with significant value due to its composition.

1983 Copper Penny

Learn about the fascinating 'Wide AM' variety of the 1999 penny, a rare find that can fetch a high price among collectors.

1999 Wide AM Penny

Dive into the details of the 1973 Doubled Die Obverse penny, a highly sought-after coin for its noticeable doubling on the date and lettering.

1973 Doubled Die Obverse Penny

Unearth the mystery behind the 1982 No Mint Mark penny, an error coin that can be worth a fortune to collectors.

1982 No Mint Mark Penny

Explore the intrigue surrounding the 'Close AM' variety of the 1992 penny, a rare gem that stands out among its counterparts.

1992 Close AM Penny

Immerse yourself in the beauty and rarity of the 2004-D Peace penny, a commemorative coin with a meaningful message.

2004-D Peace Penny

Discover the significance of the 1960 Large Date penny, a coin that stands apart from its Small Date counterpart.

1960 Large Date Penny

Uncover the allure of the 'Wide AM' variety of the 1989-D penny, a rare treasure that captures the attention of collectors.

1989-D Wide AM Penny

Journey into the world of the 1972-S Double Die penny, a fascinating coin with notable doubling on the date and lettering.

1972-S Double Die Penny

Learn about the legendary 1958 Doubled Die penny and its impact on the numismatic community.

1958 Doubled Die Penny

Explore the value and rarity of the 'Wide AM' variety of the 1998 penny, a coin that holds a special place in the hearts of collectors.

1998 Wide AM Penny

Delve into the fascinating story of the 1984 Doubled Ear penny, a coin with a unique characteristic that sets it apart from the rest.

1984 Doubled Ear Penny