16 Best Places to Metal Detect for Old Coins

Apr 08, 2024

Discover buried treasures in the sand as ocean waves crash nearby. Beaches are hotspots for lost coins and jewelry.

1. Beaches

Take a leisurely stroll through green spaces and uncover valuable coins. Parks are treasure troves waiting to be explored.

2. Parks

Step back in time and search for ancient coins at historical sites. Civilizations of the past hold hidden treasures for metal detector enthusiasts.

3. Historical Sites

Unearth relics and coins from the time of war. Old battlefields hold stories and valuable artifacts that can be discovered with a metal detector.

4. Old Battlefields

Wander through abandoned towns in search of forgotten coins. Ghost towns are rich with history and potential finds for metal detecting enthusiasts.

5. Ghost Towns

Combine your love for camping with treasure hunting. Campgrounds are places where people gather, and coins might have been dropped along the way.

6. Campgrounds

Explore old farmhouses and their surroundings for hidden coins. These properties have witnessed generations of life and their secrets lie buried in the ground.

7. Old Farmhouses

Visit fairgrounds and scan the grounds for dropped coins. The excitement of amusement parks and fairs often results in lost treasures waiting to be found.

8. Fairgrounds

Capture the thrill of the game while searching for coins in sports fields. From baseball to soccer, these venues are hotspots for lost items.

9. Sports Fields

Uncover history while scanning school grounds for old coins. Generations of students have left potential treasures waiting to be discovered.

10. School Grounds

Join the camping community and explore campsites for buried coins. From family campgrounds to remote sites, treasures await.

11. Campsites

Wade through the waterways and search for lost coins. Over the years, rivers and creeks have claimed valuables that can be discovered with a metal detector.

12. Rivers and Creeks

Dive into lakes and explore the murky depths for hidden treasures. From dropped coins to sunken ships, the opportunities are endless.

13. Lakes and Ponds

Combine your love for the outdoors with metal detecting adventures on camping and hiking trails. Nature hides valuable coins for those who seek.

14. Camping and Hiking Trails

Enjoy a day out with family and friends while searching for lost coins in picnic areas. The combination of food and fun often leads to valuable finds.

15. Picnic Areas

Explore the grandeur of old theaters and uncover hidden treasures. From ancient coins to lost jewelry, these iconic venues have secrets to reveal.

16. Old Theaters