16 Best Places to Metal Detect for Old Coins

Apr 07, 2024

Explore ancient Roman ruins where centuries-old coins may be waiting to be discovered.

Ancient Roman Ruins

Search the grounds of medieval castles for lost coins from the bygone era.

Medieval Castles

Stroll along beaches and shorelines to find washed-up coins from shipwrecks or buried treasures.

Beaches and Shorelines

Step into the eerie realm of ghost towns and uncover coins left behind by their former inhabitants.

Ghost Towns

Capture the spirit of history as you search for coins on old battlefields where soldiers once fought.

Old Battlefields

Delve into the past by exploring historical parks and find coins dropped by visitors long ago.

Historical Parks

Unearth buried treasures and ancient coins at archaeological sites around the world.

Archaeological Sites

Browse through antique fairs and markets to discover valuable coins amidst a sea of collectibles.

Antique Fairs

Navigate abandoned mines to find coins that may have been left behind by miners of the past.

Abandoned Mines

Swap your camping gear for a metal detector and hunt for lost coins in campgrounds.


Pay respects to the departed while searching for old coins in historical cemeteries.

Historical Cemeteries

Wade through rivers and creeks where coins and artifacts may have been deposited over time.

Rivers and Creeks

Scour old farm fields and pastures for forgotten coins dropped by previous generations.

Old Farm Fields

Embark on an adventure in national forests to find coins hidden beneath the trees.

National Forests

Isolate yourself on deserted islands and uncover coins that have been lost to time.

Deserted Islands

Take a break from city life and use your metal detector to find coins in urban parks.

Urban Parks