17 Actors and Directors Who Regretted Working on Marvel Movies

Apr 06, 2024

Terrence Howard refused to come back for Iron Man 2 due to pay disputes.

Terrence Howard

Mickey Rourke's performance as Whiplash was heavily cut by Marvel.

Mickey Rourke

Director Josh Trank regrets his handling of Fantastic Four (2015).

Josh Trank

Jessica Alba almost quit acting after being told to 'cry pretty' in a scene.

Jessica Alba

Ryan Reynolds only played Wade Wilson in X-Men: Origins due to studio pressure.

Ryan Reynolds

Jennifer Garner thought Elektra was 'awful' and regretted her involvement.

Jennifer Garner

Patty Jenkins left Thor: The Dark World due to creative differences.

Patty Jenkins

Natalie Portman considered leaving after the director change in Thor: The Dark World.

Natalie Portman

Director Alan Taylor had a difficult experience working on Thor: The Dark World.

Alan Taylor

Idris Elba found going from playing Nelson Mandela to Heimdall to be 'torture.'

Idris Elba

Christopher Eccleston compared the filming experience to having a gun in his mouth.

Christopher Eccleston

Wesley Snipes sued New Line Cinema after Blade: Trinity for contract violations.

Wesley Snipes

Sally Field didn't enjoy playing Aunt May in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Sally Field

Director Sam Raimi didn't believe in all the characters in Spider-Man 3.

Sam Raimi

Producer Avi Arad regretted including Venom in Spider-Man 3.

Avi Arad

Edgar Wright left Ant-Man after creative differences with Marvel Studios.

Edgar Wright

Robin Williams quit Howard the Duck due to feeling confined in the role.

Robin Williams