5 Low-Carb Diet Myths Debunked

Mar 31, 2024

Low-carb diets can be healthy if balanced with nutritious foods and essential nutrients.

Myth #1: Low-Carb Diets Are Unhealthy

Low-carb diets focus on reducing refined carbs, not eliminating all carbs. Vegetables and whole grains are still allowed.

Myth #2: Low-Carb Diets Eliminate All Carbohydrates

Protein-rich foods in low-carb diets can actually support muscle growth and maintenance.

Myth #3: Low-Carb Diets Cause Muscle Loss

With proper planning and delicious low-carb recipes, sticking to a low-carb diet can be enjoyable and sustainable.

Myth #4: Low-Carb Diets Are Difficult to Follow

Low-carb diets can also improve blood sugar control, reduce heart disease risk, and promote overall health.

Myth #5: Low-Carb Diets Are only for Weight Loss