6 Fermented Sweet Treats You Must Try Today

Mar 24, 2024

Experience the creaminess of homemade ice cream infused with the tangy and probiotic goodness of kefir. A must-try for ice cream lovers!

Kefir Ice Cream

Unlock the depth of flavor in honey through fermentation. The resulting tangy and complex taste makes it a perfect accompaniment to cheeses and desserts.

Fermented Honey

Elevate your cinnamon rolls to the next level by using sourdough starter. The natural fermentation adds a unique tang and lightness to the dough.

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Transform your ordinary fruit chutney into a flavor-packed condiment through fermentation. The tangy and complex taste pairs well with various dishes.

Fermented Fruit Chutney

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these chewy and tangy gummy candies made with kombucha. A healthier alternative to traditional gummies!

Kombucha Gummies

Experience the deep and complex flavors of chocolate by trying fermented chocolate. The fermentation process enhances the richness and depth of cocoa.

Fermented Chocolate