6 Fermented Sweets Recipes You Must Try Today

Mar 20, 2024

Indulge in the creamy goodness of kombucha ice cream, a unique and refreshing treat with a tangy twist.

1. Kombucha Ice Cream

Take your homemade jam to the next level with the tangy and complex flavors of fermented berries.

2. Fermented Berry Jam

Discover the rich and moist decadence of a chocolate cake made with the unique depth of flavor from sourdough starter.

3. Sourdough Chocolate Cake

Experience the perfect balance of sweet and tangy with these flaky and delicious fermented apple tarts.

4. Fermented Apple Tarts

Elevate the classic banana bread by fermenting the bananas for a subtle tang and enhanced sweetness.

5. Fermented Banana Bread

Stay cool with these probiotic-packed milk kefir popsicles, a delicious and healthy way to satisfy your sweet cravings.

6. Milk Kefir Popsicles