8 Clever Kitchen Hacks for Fast Meal Preparation

Mar 30, 2024

Place cherry tomatoes between two plastic lids, hold them firmly, and carefully slice through the gaps. You'll have perfectly sliced tomatoes in no time!

1. Slice Cherry Tomatoes in Seconds

Place fresh garlic cloves in a jar, close the lid, and shake vigorously. The cloves will peel off effortlessly due to the friction caused by shaking!

2. Easy Garlic Peeling

Roll citrus fruits firmly on a hard surface before juicing. This softens the fruit, making it easier to extract the maximum amount of juice!

3. Speedy Citrus Juicing

Use a sharp knife to cut a small 'X' shape on the bottom of a tomato. Then, insert a fork into the 'X' and twist gently to remove the core swiftly!

4. Rapid Tomato Core Removal

Cut off both ends of an onion, make a vertical slit from top to bottom, and peel off the skin. Slice horizontally, and you'll have perfectly chopped onions!

5. Ultimate Onion Chopping Trick

Place an unripe avocado in a brown paper bag with a banana or apple. The ethylene gas produced by the fruit speeds up the ripening process!

6. Quick Avocado Ripening

Hold the stem of herbs firmly with one hand and run your fingers along the stem in the opposite direction to remove the leaves quickly!

7. Efficient Herb Stripping

Wet your fingers before attempting to remove stray eggshells from a cracked egg. The water will help attract the shell fragments, making cleanup easier!

8. Mess-Free Eggshell Removal