8 Hidden Gems in Mexico City for Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mar 21, 2024

Indulge in the crispy delight of traditional churros at El Moro, a cherished establishment renowned for its delectable Mexican sweet treats.

El Moro

Treat your taste buds to the succulent and flavorful Tacos al pastor at La Bonita, a hidden gem tucked away in a vibrant neighborhood.

La Bonita

Savor a cup of rich and indulgent Mexican hot chocolate at Café El Popular, a charming café that has been serving locals since 1952.

Café El Popular

Experience the authentic flavor of tender barbacoa, a traditional Mexican dish, at El Hidalguense, a beloved restaurant that has been serving it for over 50 years.

El Hidalguense

Delight in the hearty and flavorsome Tlayudas, a popular Oaxacan dish, at El Parnita, a vibrant eatery known for its eclectic Mexican cuisine.

El Parnita

Feast on fresh and delectable seafood dishes at La Docena, a hidden gem seafood restaurant that offers a diverse menu of Mexican coastal flavors.

La Docena

Indulge in the rich and complex flavors of mole, a traditional Mexican sauce, at Casa Tono, a family-owned restaurant known for its authentic cuisine.

Casa Tono

Warm your soul with a bowl of comforting Sopa de tortilla, a traditional Mexican soup, at Comedor Lucerna, a cozy restaurant loved by locals.

Comedor Lucerna