8 Mouthwatering Burrito Joints to Visit Across the USA

Mar 21, 2024

Indulge in the legendary burritos at El Farolito in San Francisco. Bursting with flavor and generously filled, these burritos are a must-try.

1. El Farolito - San Francisco, California

Head to La Taqueria, also in San Francisco, for a taste of their mouthwatering burritos. Their secret? The perfectly grilled tortilla and flavorful fillings.

2. La Taqueria - San Francisco, California

Experience the authentic flavors of Mexico at Taqueria Cancún. With their generous portions and flavorful burritos, you'll be in burrito heaven.

3. Taqueria Cancún - San Francisco, California

Craving a burrito in Boston? Look no further than El Pelon Taqueria. Their mouthwatering burritos are packed with flavorful meats and fresh ingredients.

4. El Pelon Taqueria - Boston, Massachusetts

For an authentic taste of Mexico in Los Angeles, visit La Azteca Tortilleria. Their burritos are handmade with love and bursting with flavor.

5. La Azteca Tortilleria - Los Angeles, California

In Denver, satisfy your burrito cravings at La Flor de Jalisco. From the savory fillings to the perfectly toasted tortilla, every bite is a delight.

6. La Flor de Jalisco - Denver, Colorado

Los Cinco Puntos in Los Angeles is a hidden gem for flavorful burritos. With their homemade tortillas and delicious fillings, you won't be disappointed.

7. Los Cinco Puntos - Los Angeles, California

Craving a burrito in the Big Apple? Taqueria El Rey in New York City has got you covered. Their mouthwatering burritos will transport you to Mexico.

8. Taqueria El Rey - New York City, New York