8 Simple Tips for Cooking Faster

Mar 20, 2024

Prepping your ingredients ahead of time allows for faster and smoother cooking process.

Prep Before You Start

Having sharp and efficient knives makes cutting and chopping ingredients quicker and safer.

Invest in Good Knives

Keep your cooking space tidy and organized to eliminate time wasted searching for tools and ingredients.

Organize Your Kitchen

Cooking everything in a single pot reduces cleanup time and allows flavors to meld together for tasty dishes.

Use One-Pot Recipes

Save time by using pre-cut veggies, pre-marinated meats, and other convenience ingredients.

Opt for Pre-Cut Ingredients

Prepare larger quantities of food and freeze them in meal-sized portions for quick and easy future meals.

Cook in Batches

With a single pan or skillet, you can create delicious and simple meals with minimal cleanup time.

Master One-Pan Meals

Having essential cooking ingredients and spices on hand saves time and ensures you can whip up a meal anytime.

Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry