9 Surprising Facts About Seafood Industry

Mar 24, 2024

Seafood is a primary source of protein and nutrition for a significant portion of the global population. Learn how it sustains billions.

7 Billion People Depend on Seafood

Discover why shrimp takes the crown as the most consumed seafood worldwide. From versatile recipes to its high demand, shrimp is a favorite.

Shrimp is the Most Consumed Seafood

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing sector of the seafood industry. Explore how fish farming revolutionizes seafood production and sustainability.

Aquaculture is on the Rise

Illegal fishing practices endanger marine ecosystems. Unveil the hidden impacts of illegal fishing on biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Illegal Fishing Threatens Marine Life

Discover the truth behind seafood labeling. From mislabeled species to false claims, explore the challenges of accurate seafood labeling.

Seafood Labeling Can Be Misleading

Plastic pollution poses a threat to the seafood industry. Uncover the consequences of plastic waste on marine life and human health.

Plastic Pollution Harms Seafood

Overfishing depletes fish populations worldwide. Learn about the consequences of overfishing and the solutions for sustainable fishing practices.

Overfishing Endangers Fish Stocks

The seafood industry has a dark side of labor exploitation. Shine a light on the challenges faced by seafood workers and the need for fair practices.

Seafood Workers Face Exploitation

Discover the significance of sustainable seafood certification. From eco-labels to responsible fishing practices, explore the path to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Seafood Certification