A Compilation of 10 Rare State Quarter Errors

Apr 05, 2024

The Connecticut state quarter displays a misalignment error, with the obverse and reverse designs slightly offset. This error adds a quirky charm to the coin.

Connecticut Misalignment

The Kansas state quarter features an off-center error, where the design is partially missing from the coin's edge. This unique mistake makes the coin a true collector's item.

Off-Center Kansas

The Georgia state quarter showcases a doubled die error, where certain elements of the design appear doubled or distorted. This error enhances the coin's visual appeal.

Doubled Die Georgia

The Minnesota state quarter boasts an extra tree error, where an additional tree appears in the design. This mistake adds a playful touch to the coin.

Minnesota Extra Trees

The Delaware state quarter features a spitting horse error, where it appears as though the horse on the coin is spitting. This error adds a whimsical element to the design.

Delaware Spitting Horse

The Hawaii state quarter exhibits an incomplete die error, where parts of the design are missing due to a problem during the minting process. This error makes the coin truly unique.

Hawaii Incomplete Die

The Ohio state quarter displays a struck through grease error, where the design is partially obscured by grease or debris during the minting process. This error gives the coin an interesting texture.

Ohio Struck Through Grease

The Nevada state quarter exhibits a clipped planchet error, where a portion of the coin's edge is missing. This mistake adds a unique characteristic to the coin.

Nevada Clipped Planchet

The Arizona state quarter features a broadstruck error, where the coin was struck without the collar, resulting in an irregular shape. This error makes the coin stand out.

Arizona Broadstruck

The Alaska state quarter showcases a reverse die crack error, where a crack is visible on the coin's reverse side. This error adds an intriguing element to the design.

Alaska Reverse Die Crack