Boston Celtics React to Bizarre Record-Setting Night Against Bucks

Apr 10, 2024

In April, the Celtics focused on staying healthy for the playoffs.

Boring Month for the Celtics

The Celtics lost 104-91 to the Bucks, snapping their win streak.

Thumped by the Bucks

The Celtics attempted zero free throws during the game, setting a record.

Bizarre Record in Free Throws

The Celtics felt like they had the energy to make a comeback, but couldn't convert their shots.

Energy Without Results

Celtics player Jrue Holiday blamed the refs for their lack of free throw attempts.

Blaming the Refs

The Celtics' zero free throw attempts broke the record set by the Hawks and Grizzlies.

Previous Records

The Bucks only made one free throw, while the Celtics had zero attempts.

Bucks Outscored Celtics From the Line

Jayson Tatum and Coach Mazzulla were puzzled by the lack of foul calls.

Strange Officiating

The combined two free throw attempts broke the NBA record for fewest attempts in a game.

New Record Set