Discover the Secret to Crispy Fried Chicken Every Time

Apr 03, 2024

Learn how brining your chicken overnight can create the most flavorful and juicy fried chicken.

Secret #1: The Brining Process

Discover the technique of dipping your chicken in seasoned flour and egg wash not once, but twice, for an extra crispy coating.

Secret #2: The Double-Dip Method

Master the art of frying chicken at the perfect temperature to achieve a crispy exterior and fully cooked interior.

Secret #3: The Temperature Game

Unveil the secret behind marinating your chicken in buttermilk to add tenderness, flavor, and moisture.

Secret #4: The Buttermilk Magic

Explore the world of spices and herbs to create a delicious seasoning blend that will elevate your fried chicken to the next level.

Secret #5: The Seasoning Blend

Learn the importance of letting your chicken dry before frying to ensure a perfect, crispy crust.

Secret #6: The Proper Drying

Discover the best type of oil to use for frying chicken, and how to maintain the right temperature throughout the cooking process.

Secret #7: The Right Oil

Find out why allowing your fried chicken to rest for a few minutes before serving is crucial for locking in the juices and maintaining crispiness.

Secret #8: The Resting Time