Exploring the Top 9 Rare Coins from Civil War Era

Apr 04, 2024

Learn about the Confederate Half Dollar, a coin struck during the early years of the Civil War, symbolizing the Confederate States of America.

1861 Confederate Half Dollar

What makes the 1862 Indian Head Penny so special? Uncover the fascinating history of this coin, bearing the profile of Lady Liberty.

1862 Indian Head Penny

Dive into the story of the 1863 Liberty Head Nickel, featuring the iconic shield on the obverse and the mighty American eagle on the reverse.

1863 Liberty Head Nickel

Discover the unique design of the 1864 Two Cent Piece, the first coin to bear the iconic motto 'In God We Trust'.

1864 Two Cent Piece

Unearth the beauty of the 1865 Half Dime, a small silver coin from the Civil War era that was widely used in everyday transactions.

1865 Half Dime

Step into the world of the 1866 Seated Liberty Dollar, a majestic silver coin representing the hope of a nation rebuilding after war.

1866 Seated Liberty Dollar

Delve into the history of the 1867 Shield Nickel, an innovative coin featuring a shield design on the obverse and the number 5 on the reverse.

1867 Shield Nickel

Learn about the 1868 Three Cent Nickel, a unique coin that was introduced as a substitute for the silver three-cent piece during the Civil War.

1868 Three Cent Nickel

Discover the grandeur of the 1869 Liberty Head Double Eagle, a gold coin that symbolized the prosperity and progress of the United States.

1869 Liberty Head Double Eagle