Growing up in Israel: The Story of Amit Rahav

Apr 06, 2024

Amit Rahav was taught about the Holocaust at an early age as part of his school curriculum in Tel Aviv.

Childhood Lessons

Growing up, Amit Rahav was surrounded by stories of the Holocaust, as his grandmother is a survivor.

Family Stories

"We Were the Lucky Ones" tells the story of Holocaust survivors fighting to reunite. Amit Rahav plays Jakob, the photographer brother.

We Were the Lucky Ones

Amit Rahav sees his role in "We Were the Lucky Ones" as a tribute to his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor.

Honoring His Grandmother

The cast and crew of "We Were the Lucky Ones" spent months filming in Bucharest, Romania.

Filming in Bucharest

The sets in "We Were the Lucky Ones" were so realistic that it felt like time traveling for Amit Rahav.

Realistic Sets

The cast and crew of "We Were the Lucky Ones" formed strong bonds on and off set, with dinners, game nights, and slumber parties.

Bonding on Set

Amit Rahav believes it's important for people to watch "We Were the Lucky Ones" to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust and prevent history from repeating.

Importance of the Show

Amit Rahav understands the need for both serious and light content, as he finds himself watching 'Selling Sunset' while in Los Angeles.

Balancing Serious and Light