Jason Kelce's Retirement and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Advice

Apr 04, 2024

Jason Kelce announces his retirement after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, giving him more time with his family.

Jason Kelce's Retirement

Arnold Schwarzenegger suggests that Jason Kelce consider a career in public service, starting with Pennsylvania's gubernatorial seat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Suggestion

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his journey from an actor to becoming California's 38th governor.

Schwarzenegger's Success Story

Schwarzenegger emphasizes the importance of having name recognition and being passionate for a successful public service career.

Invaluable Traits for Public Service

Jason Kelce appreciates Schwarzenegger's words but has a clear vision for his post-playing career.

Jason Kelce Responds

Jason Kelce explores opportunities as an NFL TV analyst, potentially joining top networks like Fox Sports and ESPN.

Post-Playing Career Plans

Kelce and his brother Travis could secure a lucrative deal with the popular sports podcast 'New Heights.'

Potential $100 Million Deal