Knicks Will Face ‘Pressure’ to Trade $120 Million Star: NBA Execs

Apr 11, 2024

Randle has been putting up impressive numbers since joining the Knicks in 2019, but trade speculation follows him.

The Numbers on Julius Randle

The Knicks may feel pressure to trade Randle if they perform well in the playoffs without him.

Potential Trade Pressure

Trading Randle could be a big change for the Knicks, but they would need a star player in return.

The Consequences of Trading Randle

Randle signed a four-year extension in 2021, but his contract could be used in a trade to acquire a star player.

Randle's Contract Situation

Randle's style of play and contract make it difficult to find a trade partner, but the Knicks have assets to offer.

The Challenge of Trading for Randle

The Knicks have multiple first-round picks and other players that could be included in a trade package for Randle.

Possible Trade Packages

The Knicks need to make a move to have a shot at the Finals and turn Randle into a better fit for their team.

The Knicks' Urgency to Improve