Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV - A Harrowing Journey with Steve Burns

Apr 09, 2024

Former Blue's Clues host, Steve Burns, shares his thoughts on the dark side of kids TV

Steve Burns speaks up

Steve Burns expresses his shock and sadness at the allegations of past inappropriate behavior

Horror and heartbreak

Steve Burns empathizes with those reliving traumatic memories brought up by Quiet on Set

Empathy for the victims

Fans turn to Blue's Clues for comfort in the wake of the Nickelodeon documentary

Fans find solace in Blue's Clues

Steve Burns distances himself from the allegations, emphasizing the difference between Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon programming

The GOOD part of Nickelodeon

Former Nickelodeon producer, Dan Schneider, apologizes for his past behavior

Former producer's apology

Nickelodeon addresses the allegations and pledges to investigate formal complaints

Nickelodeon's response

Stay tuned for more shocking revelations from Quiet on Set

More revelations to come