Shaquille O’Neal Has Harsh Words for ‘Overrated’ Celtics

Apr 11, 2024

Shaquille O’Neal and Nate Robinson express their doubts about the Celtics' ability to win a championship.

The Celtics' Doubters

O’Neal considers the Celtics as overrated due to their lack of championship success despite their regular season performances.


O’Neal emphasizes the importance of consistent performance and raising the level of play in every game to achieve greatness.

Consistency is Key

Despite their annual success, the Celtics have struggled to reach the NBA Finals consistently since 2010.

The Celtics' Playoff History

Former Celtic Nate Robinson shares his lack of faith in the team's ability to win due to missing the 'it' factor.

Nate Robinson's Perspective

Robinson believes the Celtics lack a certain tenacity or 'dog' that prevents them from winning championships.

The Missing Ingredient

Despite their success, doubts continue to surround the Celtics until they can secure a championship title.

Doubts Until They Win

O’Neal reveals that his former teammate Kobe Bryant played a role in his decision to join the Celtics.

Kobe's Influence