The 10 Most Sought-After Commemorative Coins in Circulation

Apr 04, 2024

This silver coin was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, featuring the iconic image of Buzz Aldrin on the moon's surface.

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Silver Coin

The American Eagle Platinum Coin is highly sought after for its impressive purity and stunning design, often depicting significant American symbols.

American Eagle Platinum Coin

With a limited mintage, the Palladium Maple Leaf coin is a prized possession for numismatists due to its rarity and unique metal composition.

Palladium Maple Leaf

Each coin in the Queen's Beast Series portrays one of the ten heraldic statues present at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, making them highly desirable among collectors.

Queen's Beast Series Silver Coin

The Krugerrand Gold Coin, first minted in 1967, quickly became popular among gold enthusiasts and is still a sought-after coin today.

Krugerrand Gold Coin

The China Lunar Series Gold Coin features the Chinese zodiac animals and their symbolism, making them not just valuable collectibles but also culturally significant.

China Lunar Series Gold Coin

The Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin showcases the unique wildlife of Australia, with each year featuring a new design, making them highly collectible.

Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin

The Maple Leaf Gold Coin, minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, is renowned for its high purity and iconic maple leaf design.

Maple Leaf Gold Coin

The European Silver Programme consists of coins minted by various European countries, often celebrating important historical events or cultural icons.

European Silver Programme

The Libertad Silver Coin from Mexico is known for its intricate design and exceptional beauty, attracting both collectors and investors.

Libertad Silver Coin