The 11 Most Expensive Lincoln Memorial Penny

Apr 06, 2024

Explore the legendary 1955 Doubled Die Obverse penny, one of the most sought-after coins by collectors.

1955 Doubled Die Obverse

Uncover the fascinating story behind the rare 1972 Doubled Die Obverse penny and its incredible value.

1972 Doubled Die Obverse

Delve into the world of the 1997 Wide AM penny and its significance in the world of numismatics.

1997 Wide AM

Learn about the mysterious 1982 No Mint Mark penny and its rarity that makes it highly valuable.

1982 No Mint Mark

Discover the story of the 1983 Copper Alloy penny and why it commands such a high price in the market.

1983 Copper Alloy

Unveil the secrets of the 1992 Close AM penny and why it is considered an elusive piece for collectors.

1992 Close AM

Dive deep into the history and value of the 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse penny, a rare gem for numismatists.

1969-S Doubled Die Obverse

Step into the realm of the 1989 No VDB penny and its scarcity that elevates its worth among collectors.

1989 No VDB

Unearth the fascinating story of the 1974 Aluminum penny, a coin that is both rare and highly valuable.

1974 Aluminum

Embark on a journey through time with the 1959-D Transitional penny and its remarkable historical significance.

1959-D Transitional

Discover the charm and value of the 1960 Small Date penny, a coin that appeals to both collectors and enthusiasts.

1960 Small Date