The 11 Most Valuable Mexican Coins Worth Money

Apr 06, 2024

Learn about the rare and valuable 1732 8 Escudos coin, which can fetch a hefty price in the collector's market.

1. 1732 8 Escudos

Discover the historical significance and high value of the 1823 Mo JM 8 Reales coin, a prized possession for coin enthusiasts.

2. 1823 Mo JM 8 Reales

Unveil the beauty of the 1910 Caballito 20 Pesos coin, known for its iconic design and remarkable value in the numismatic world.

3. 1910 Caballito 20 Pesos

Journey back in time with the 1921 1 Peso coin, a captivating piece of history that can command a high price among collectors.

4. 1921 1 Peso

Explore the allure of the 1993 Mexican Silver Libertad coin, a modern treasure known for its purity and investment value.

5. 1993 Mexican Silver Libertad

Dive into the world of bimetallic coins with the 2008 Bimetallic 100 Pesos coin, a unique and valuable piece of Mexican currency.

6. 2008 Bimetallic 100 Pesos

Witness the intricate beauty of the 2014 Aztec Calendar Silver Coin, a masterpiece that captures the spirit of Mexico's ancient civilization.

7. 2014 Aztec Calendar Silver Coin

Delve into the realm of artistic coins with the 2017 3D Skull Libertad, a stunning and unconventional piece that intrigues collectors.

8. 2017 3D Skull Libertad

Hold beauty in your hands with the 2018 Mexican Silver Proof Set, a collection of meticulously crafted coins that are highly coveted.

9. 2018 Mexican Silver Proof Set

Behold the elegance of the 2020 Winged Victory Gold Coin, a symbol of triumph and a valuable addition to any coin enthusiast's collection.

10. 2020 Winged Victory Gold Coin

Discover the magnificence of the 2021 1 Kilo Silver Coin, a grand and hefty masterpiece that embodies the spirit of Mexican numismatics.

11. 2021 1 Kilo Silver Coin