The 11 Most Valuable Susan B. Anthony Dollar Values

Apr 07, 2024

Introducing the iconic Susan B. Anthony Dollar, a revolutionary coin that honored women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony.

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar

The 1979-P Wide Rim variation is highly sought after due to its distinct design flaw, making it extremely valuable to collectors.

1. 1979-P Wide Rim

The 1981-S Type 2 is a rare variety with a clear 'S' mint mark, adding to its overall worth and desirability.

2. 1981-S Type 2

The 1981-S Proof is a limited edition coin struck with extra care and precision, making it a treasured addition to any collection.

3. 1981-S Proof

The 1981-S Clear 'S' is a rare variety with a mint mark that is distinguishable from the regular 'S' mint mark, making it highly valuable.

4. 1981-S Clear 'S'

The 1999-P is a mysterious coin as it was never officially released into circulation, making it a valuable and elusive gem for collectors.

5. 1999-P

The 1979-S Proof is a special edition coin that boasts a high level of detail and intricacy, making it a prized possession for numismatists.

6. 1979-S Proof

The 1980-P 'Near Date' has a noticeable spacing issue between the date and the rim, making it an intriguing find for collectors.

7. 1980-P 'Near Date'

The 1999-P 'Wide Rim' has a broader rim compared to other coins in the series, causing it to stand out to collectors and enthusiasts.

8. 1999-P 'Wide Rim'

The 1979-P 'Filled S' features an anomaly where the 'S' mint mark appears filled or partially filled, creating an unusual and valuable coin.

9. 1979-P 'Filled S'

The 1981-D coin is known for its low mintage and scarcity, resulting in its increased value among collectors and investors.

10. 1981-D

The 1981-S 'Clear', 'Proof' coin consists of a unique combination where the clear mint mark meets the brilliant proof finish, making it an incredibly rare find.

11. 1981-S 'Clear', 'Proof'