The 13 Historic Coins and Medals Featuring Magnificent Morgan Silver Dollars

Apr 06, 2024

Learn about the origins of Morgan Silver Dollars and their significance in American history.

The Beginnings

Marvel at the exquisite depiction of Lady Liberty on the Morgan Silver Dollar.

Lady Liberty

Explore the connection between the Morgan Silver Dollar and the historic silver rushes.

The Silver Rush

Discover the story behind the legendary Carson City Mint and its Morgan Silver Dollars.

The Carson City Mint

Uncover the mystery surrounding the rare 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar.

The Rare 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar

Learn about the transition from Morgan Silver Dollars to the iconic Peace Dollars.

The Peace Dollars

Appreciate the historical significance of the first Morgan Silver Dollar ever minted.

The 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar

Explore how the Morgan Silver Dollar has been celebrated in art and culture.

The Morgan Silver Dollar in Art