The 16 Best Locations for Finding Old Coins with a Metal Detector

Apr 06, 2024

Discover lost coins and artifacts washed ashore on beach shores, where history meets the sea.

Beach Shores

Unearth old coins while enjoying the tranquility of parks and playgrounds, places where past and present collide.

Parks and Playgrounds

Explore historical sites and uncover hidden treasures that connect us to the rich tapestry of our ancestors.

Historical Sites

Enter the eerie world of ghost towns and use your metal detector to find valuable coins left behind by a bygone era.

Ghost Towns

Step back in time and detect old coins in the forgotten corners of abandoned homesteads, where echoes of the past still linger.

Abandoned Homesteads

Uncover coins that witnessed the clash of armies by searching the battlefields of long-forgotten wars.


Follow the flow of history as you scan riverbanks for coins, revealing forgotten stories etched in metal.


Combine your love for fishing and treasure hunting by searching for old coins in popular fishing holes.

Fishing Holes

Unearth hidden treasures while enjoying the great outdoors at campgrounds, where adventure awaits beneath the surface.


Visit lush forests and scan the ground beneath mighty trees to find hidden coins waiting to be discovered.

Underneath Trees

Investigate the area around old wells and unravel the secrets hidden below, revealed through ancient coins.

Near Old Wells

Embark on a treasure hunt at historical monuments, where the past comes alive as you uncover buried coins.

Historical Monuments

Combine a leisurely picnic with a thrilling search for old coins, transforming park picnic areas into treasure troves.

Picnic Areas

Discover the stories of the past by searching for coins in schoolyards, where history intersects with education.


Find hidden treasures in camping sites, where the joys of nature merge with the excitement of unearthing ancient coins.

Camping Sites

Join the ranks of archaeologists and uncover ancient coins through metal detecting at exciting excavation sites.

Archaeological Excavations