The 9 Rarest Buffalo Nickels Ever Produced

Apr 05, 2024

Learn about the 1913-S Type 2 buffalo nickel, with only five known examples in existence. Its unique design makes it highly sought after by collectors.

1913-S Type 2

Explore the rarity of the 1926-S buffalo nickel, with an estimated mintage of only 970,000. Its condition and scarcity contribute to its exceptional value.


Uncover the story behind the 1916 Doubled Die Obverse buffalo nickel, known for its prominent doubling of the date. Only a handful of these coins exist today.

1916 Doubled Die Obverse

Delve into the mystery of the 1937-D 3-Legged buffalo nickel, featuring a fascinating error caused by over-polishing. Discover why it's one of the rarest buffalo nickels.

1937-D 3-Legged

Learn about the 1918/7-D buffalo nickel, a unique overdate variety resulting from a minting error. Its scarcity and historical significance make it highly coveted.


Discover the allure of the 1914-D buffalo nickel, produced at the Denver Mint in limited quantities. Its condition and early date contribute to its rarity.


Step back in time with the 1924-S buffalo nickel, known for its low mintage and scarcity. Learn why it's one of the most sought-after buffalo nickels.


Uncover the story of the 1936-D 3-1/2 Legged buffalo nickel, featuring a fascinating error caused by excessive die polishing. Its rarity and uniqueness make it a prized possession.

1936-D 3-1/2 Legged

Discover the intrigue surrounding the 1918/7-S buffalo nickel, a rare overdate variety. Learn about its history and the factors that contribute to its high value.