The Clash on the Court

Apr 09, 2024

UConn coach Dan Hurley and Purdue player Zach Edey exchange words during the national championship game.

Tensions Rise

Hurley and Edey confront each other on the court as tensions run high.

A Battle of Words

Edey's physical screen on UConn guard Stephon Castle sparks controversy.

Screening Controversy

Hurley expresses his frustration with the referees for allowing the screen.

Hurley's Displeasure

Hurley and Edey exchange words as the tensions on the court intensify.

Face Off

Despite the clash, Edey delivers an outstanding performance with 37 points and 10 rebounds.

Edey's Dominance

Purdue struggles to match UConn's dominant play, becoming another victim of their unstoppable force.

Collapse of Purdue