The Mysterious Confluence

Apr 09, 2024

Sunny Hostin suggests climate change or something more biblical as the cause of the confluence.

A Curious Theory

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg step in to fact-check Sunny Hostin's theory.

Real-Time Fact-Checkers

The discussion arises as conspiracy theories about the end of the world circulate.

End-of-the-World-Style Conspiracy Theories

Hostin recalls how a makeup artist left during the earthquake, believing it was a sign from Jesus.

The Fleeing Makeup Artist

Hostin mentions the rare event of cicadas arriving after many years.

The Arrival of Cicadas

The confluence of events makes Hostin wonder if it's due to climate change or something else.

Climate Change or Something More?

Behar clarifies that earthquakes are not caused by climate change, but by fault lines.

Earthquakes and Climate Change

Goldberg reminds Hostin that eclipses are accurately predicted and not signs from God.

Accurately Predicted Eclipses

A Green Party Senate candidate in New Jersey misinterprets the earthquake as proof of the climate crisis.

Misinterpretation of Earthquake as Climate Change Proof

The U.S. Geological Survey clarifies that earthquakes happen due to a sudden slip on a fault.

Earthquakes and Fault Lines