The Top 10 Most Valuable Paper Money Bills

Apr 07, 2024

The $500 bill features President William McKinley and is highly sought after by collectors.

Number 10: $500 Bill

The Portuguese 500 Escudos banknote is known for its beautiful design and scarcity.

Number 9: Portuguese 500 Escudos

The 1000 Swiss Francs bill is valued not only for its high denomination but also for its intricate design.

Number 8: 1000 Swiss Francs

The $1000 bill is known as 'Grand Watermelon' because of the large zeroes on the back that resemble watermelons.

Number 7: $1000 Bill

The 1000 German Marks note features a portrait of the famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Number 6: 1000 German Marks

The 10000 Singapore Dollars banknote is the highest denomination in Singapore and showcases the country's economic progress.

Number 5: 10000 Singapore Dollars

The Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars banknote holds the record for the highest denomination ever printed, highlighting the country's hyperinflation crisis.

Number 4: Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars

The 1000 Gulden banknote from the Netherlands features a portrait of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, a renowned composer.

Number 3: 1000 Gulden

The 10000 Hong Kong Dollars banknote is highly sought after due to its rarity and depiction of the Bank of China headquarters.

Number 2: 10000 Hong Kong Dollars

The $10000 bill is the highest denomination ever printed by the United States and is extremely rare and valuable.

Number 1: $10000 Bill