Top 10 Burrito Joints in the USA

Mar 25, 2024

Try the famous carne asada burrito at La Taqueria, known for its flavorful ingredients and authentic Mexican taste.

1. La Taqueria - San Francisco, CA

El Farolito is a must-visit for burrito lovers. Indulge in their super burrito packed with delicious fillings and topped with salsa.

2. El Farolito - San Francisco, CA

La Mexicana offers a wide range of burrito options, from classic to vegan. Don't miss their mouthwatering chorizo burrito.

3. La Mexicana - Austin, TX

Taqueria Cancun is known for its massive burritos that are perfect for a hearty meal. Try their famous al pastor burrito.

4. Taqueria Cancun - San Francisco, CA

Los Guachos serves authentic Mexican street-style burritos filled with tender meat, fresh toppings, and their famous secret sauce.

5. Los Guachos - Columbus, OH

El Gordo is a hidden gem, offering generously-sized burritos with a perfect balance of flavors. Try their carne asada burrito.

6. El Gordo - San Francisco, CA

Tacos El Gordo is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their adobada burrito is a crowd-pleaser with its juicy marinated pork filling.

7. Tacos El Gordo - Las Vegas, NV

La Popular offers authentic Mexican flavors in the heart of New York City. Try their spicy shrimp burrito for a unique twist.

8. La Popular - New York, NY

Dos Toros is a popular chain known for its delicious burritos. Customize your own burrito with their wide variety of fillings and salsas.

9. Dos Toros - New York, NY

Taqueria La Cumbre is the birthplace of the Mission-style burrito. Enjoy their famous burrito filled with your choice of meat and perfectly seasoned rice and beans.

10. Taqueria La Cumbre - San Francisco, CA