Top 10 High-Value Bicentennial Quarters (Part 2)

Apr 06, 2024

The 1976-D Bicentennial Quarter is a rare find and is highly valued by collectors. Its unique design and limited mintage make it a must-have for any coin enthusiast.

No. 5: 1976-D Bicentennial Quarter

The 1976-S Silver Bicentennial Quarter is a special edition coin made from 40% silver. Its silver content and historical significance make it a prized possession among collectors.

No. 4: 1976-S Silver Bicentennial Quarter

The 1976-S Clad Bicentennial Quarter is a valuable coin that was produced to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States. Its stunning design and scarcity make it highly sought after.

No. 3: 1976-S Clad Bicentennial Quarter

The 1976 Proof Bicentennial Quarter is a collector's dream. Its flawless design and mirror-like finish make it a true gem in any collection. Don't miss your chance to own this beauty.

No. 2: 1976 Proof Bicentennial Quarter

The 1976 Bicentennial Silver Proof Set is the ultimate prize for any collector. This set includes a silver quarter, half dollar, and dollar coin, all with stunning designs and high silver content.

No. 1: 1976 Bicentennial Silver Proof Set