Top 11 Rare Nickel Errors Still in Circulation: Hunt for Treasure

Apr 04, 2024

Experience the wonder of the Double Die Obverse error. This rare occurrence happens when the design is imprinted twice on the coin, creating a fascinating visual effect.

1. The Double Die Obverse

Uncover the mystery of the Floating Roof nickel error. This peculiar flaw features a disconnected roof on President Jefferson's Monticello on the reverse side.

2. The Floating Roof

Get mesmerized by the Speared Bison nickel error, where a hidden mark appears like a spear through the bison on the reverse side. A thrilling find for any collector!

3. The Speared Bison

Learn about the Wartime Silver Alloy nickel error, a rare type of coin produced during World War II. Discover the secret behind these elusive treasures.

4. The Wartime Silver Alloy

Witness the Stuck-Through Mint Mark nickel error, caused when debris clogs the mint mark during the production process. Find out how this error adds value to the coin.

5. The Stuck-Through Mint Mark

Dive into the Off-Center Strike nickel error, where the design appears misaligned on the coin. Explore the intriguing variations caused by this captivating error.

6. The Off-Center Strike

Unveil the mystery behind the Missing Edge Lettering nickel error. Discover how a distinctive coin could be missing its traditional inscriptions along the edge.

7. The Missing Edge Lettering

Immerse yourself in the Unpierced Planchet nickel error. Learn the fascinating story behind coins that didn't go through the piercing process, making them exceptionally rare.

8. The Unpierced Planchet

Explore the world of Off-Metal Errors with nickel coins. Discover the intriguing instances when the wrong metal composition was used, creating a valuable and unusual error.

9. The Off-Metal Errors

Witness the fascinating Die Breaks error on nickel coins. Understand the process behind these cracks and imperfections, creating unique patterns on the surface.

10. The Die Breaks

Uncover the captivating Broadstrike nickel error. Explore the coins that were struck without a retaining collar, resulting in a broad and unrimmed appearance.

11. The Broadstrike