Top 15 Most Valuable Dime Coin Errors in Circulation

Apr 06, 2024

A dime coin struck off-center, creating a unique and rare error. The degree of off-center determines its value.

Off-Center Strike

A dime coin missing one or both layers of its outer coating, revealing the underlying core metal. Highly sought after by collectors.

Missing Clad Layer

A dime coin with design elements that appear doubled due to a misalignment during the minting process. Famous examples include the 1975-S Roosevelt Dime.

Double Die

A dime coin with the reverse design upside-down when compared to the obverse. A captivating error that collectors love.

Inverted Reverse

A dime coin struck without the retaining collar, resulting in a larger and broader appearance. Adds uniqueness and value to the coin.


A dime coin struck on a planchet intended for another denomination or metal. Examples include dimes struck on cent planchets.

Off-Metal Strike

A dime coin with a visible crack or break in the die that was used to strike it. Adds character to the coin and increases its value.

Die Break

A dime coin with a mint mark that was punched more than once. Collectors are drawn to these errors for their unique appearance.

Re-Punched Mint Mark

A dime coin with a curved or straight clipped edge due to an improperly aligned blank during the minting process. Unique and valuable.


A dime coin struck on a planchet of incorrect size or composition. Examples include dimes struck on foreign planchets.


A dime coin with the design elements rotated in relation to the coin's edge. These errors catch the eye of collectors looking for something different.

Rotated Die

A dime coin with a raised die break that looks like a blob or cud on the surface. Collectors are fascinated by the unusual appearance.


A dime coin struck between two dies and resulting in a unique saddle-shaped appearance. An intriguing error for collectors.


A dime coin with a date that was punched into the die more than once, resulting in a visible repunched appearance. Highly desirable among collectors.

Repunched Date

A dime coin with faint lines or trails caused by improperly polished dies. These fascinating errors captivate the attention of collectors.