Top 15 Valuable Wheat Pennies in Circulation

Apr 07, 2024

Learn about the iconic and rare 1909-S VDB wheat penny, considered the Holy Grail of wheat pennies.

1909-S VDB

Uncover the fascinating story behind the 1914-D wheat penny, one of the most sought-after coins by collectors.


Discover the mysterious 1922-D wheat penny without the mint mark, a rare and valuable find.

1922-D (No D)

Delve into the history of the 1924-D wheat penny, known for its scarcity and high demand among collectors.


Explore the 1931-S wheat penny, an elusive coin that commands a hefty price in the numismatic market.


Unearth the secrets of the 1936-D wheat penny, a valuable coin known for its low mintage and rarity.


Dive into the extraordinary world of the 1943 bronze wheat penny, a rare error coin that can fetch millions.

1943 Bronze

Marvel at the fascinating 1955 doubled die wheat penny, a coin with a visible double image that captivates collectors.

1955 Doubled Die

Journey back in time to the year 1958 and discover the allure of the 1958-D wheat penny, highly sought after by avid coin enthusiasts.


Uncover the unique 1944 steel wheat penny, a wartime coin made from steel due to copper shortages.

2.5 Cents 1944 Steel

Witness the beauty of the double die obverse 1955 wheat penny, an intriguing coin with visible doubled letters and numbers.

Double Die Obverse 1955

Embark on a numismatic adventure with the 1937-S wheat penny, a coin that holds both historical and monetary significance.


Step into the past with the 1941-S wheat penny, a coin that represents the American spirit during World War II.


Experience the charm of the 1956-D wheat penny, a coin that captures the nostalgia of a bygone era.


Unveil the story behind the 1927-D wheat penny, a coin that exudes rarity and historical significance.


Discover the allure of the 1909-S wheat penny, the first year of issue for the iconic Lincoln cent series.