Unveiling the Value: 10 Rare Wheat Penny Errors

Apr 06, 2024

Learn about the mysterious wheat pennies with blank blanks that slipped through the minting process.

1. Blank Planchet

Discover the distinct phenomenon of double die obverse on wheat pennies and its effect on their value.

2. Double Die Obverse

Uncover the hidden variations in mint marks that give certain wheat pennies a unique appeal.

3. Repunched Mint Mark

Witness the beauty of off-center struck wheat pennies and how they can fetch impressive prices.

4. Off-Center Strike

Dive into the world of broadstrike errors and marvel at the expanded design of these wheat pennies.

5. Broadstrike

Learn about die clashes and the intriguing patterns they create on wheat pennies.

6. Die Clash

Explore the rare phenomenon of doubled die reverse and its impact on the value of wheat pennies.

7. Doubled Die Reverse

Discover the unusual errors caused by grease interfering with the striking process of wheat pennies.

8. Struck Through Grease

Unveil the fascinating lamination errors on wheat pennies, where layers peel off to reveal hidden patterns.

9. Lamination Error

Delve into the realm of off-metal strikes, where wheat pennies are struck on different metals.

10. Off-Metal Strikes